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reap is a generative AI video repurposing tool that transforms long-form content into social-ready shorts with a single click.

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Publish high-quality short content on a daily basis to increase views and attract more fans, expediting your growth and monetization.

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Designed with Content Creators in Mind

AI Curation

Automatically extract the most engaging segments from your videos using advanced AI analysis to captivate your audience.

Speaker Detection

Ensure your speakers are always in focus with smart tracking that adjusts the frame dynamically throughout the video.

Captivating Subtitles

Generate eye-catching, accurate subtitles that keep viewers engaged and improve accessibility across platforms.

Multiple Formats

Easily repurpose content across all social media platforms with adaptable formatting for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok videos.

AI B-Rolls

Enhance your videos with AI-selected b-roll footage that complements the main content, adding depth and professional flair.

Multiple Languages

Broaden your reach with multi-language support that allows you to create and subtitle content for a global audience.

Discover more AI-powered features

Studio management

Manage all your content with your team, streamlining your production process for efficiency and consistency.

Banners and thumbnails

Create compelling, click-worthy thumbnails and banners automatically, optimized for each social media platform.

Active scene detection

Automatically detect and enhance key scenes in your videos with intelligent editing tools that keep your content dynamic.

One click correction

Quickly fix common video issues with a single click, from color correction to audio enhancements.

Multi-language Support

Expand your audience worldwide with support for multiple languages in both content creation and subtitles.

Brand templates

Maintain your brand’s visual identity with customizable video templates that ensure consistency across all content.

Have Questions?

Don't just take our word for it. See how reap AI has transformed content creation for our users.

How does the reap work?

reap revolutionizes video content creation with its user-friendly AI-powered platform. By leveraging advanced generative AI technology, reap automatically identifies key moments in longer videos, crafting captivating short clips that resonate with audiences. Trendy captions and seamless transitions are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a polished final product. Users can opt for automated curation or manually select highlights using the intuitive text-based video editor. Informed by insights from professional video editors, reap applies best practices for short video editing, guaranteeing engaging results every time.

Is reap available on mobile?

Now, repurposing your clips is as convenient as ever with reap. You can now repurpose your clips on your smartphone. You can also import and review clips.

How many minutes do I get?

Upon signing up, you will receive a 7-day trial with 60 minutes allotted to you. This trial will expire after 7 days. Opting for the Creator plan(Monthly) grants access to 300 minutes of processing, which resets monthly while yearly plans provide all minutes upfront.

What kind of videos work best on reap?

Our algorithm specializes in processing dialogue-rich videos, harnessing the power of language for AI curation. reap proves especially effective across diverse video genres, including chatcasts, educational content, commentaries, interviews, speeches, reviews, and beyond.

How are the minutes calculated?

Minutes used in reap are calculated based on the duration of your uploaded video. Our AI analyzes and processes the entire video, with the minutes consumed corresponding to its length. Minutes used means the duration of input video in minutes which is being processed to create clips.

How long does it take to process the clips?

Typically, processing takes around 5 to 20 minutes; however, during periods of high server usage by numerous creators, processing times may extend. We sincerely appreciate your patience during these instances.

Why did my video fail or processing for a long time?

Occasionally, our service may encounter significant workloads, leading to project delays. To guarantee your optimal experience, if processing exceeds the usual timeframe and failed, we will automatically refund your credits for the project, which may result from reasons such as insufficient rendering of clips or words detected.

Can I add captions?

Certainly! In fact, reap automatically generates captions for you with over 97% accuracy. You have the flexibility to modify and edit the text as you please.

Which languages are supported?

We support English, Arabic, Spanish, and more to come.

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